Manage Your Google Apps Documents

From the beinning, AODocs has been designed to work as a natural extension of Google Apps, providing the features you need to manage your content without losing any of fantastic capabilities that led you to Google Apps in the first place.

Google Drive integration

AODocs leverages the Google Drive API to store the files attached to your document libraries:
  • Google Drive permissions are automatically synchronized with AODocs permissions
  • AODocs libraries have no size limit thanks to the cost-effective and scalable Google Drive storage
  • Attached files can be viewed anywhere, on any device, with the built-in Google file viewer
  • AODocs attached files can be made available offline with the Google Drive client

User Interface

The ease of its user interface is one of the major strengths of Google Apps. AODocs is tightly integrated with the Google Apps suite and allows the end users to interact with the AODocs documents without leaving their favorite tools:
  • Create documents by sending an email to the library
  • Perform workflow actions directly from the GMail user interface
  • Attach files in one click from the Google Drive interface
  • Display AODocs content in Google Site gadgets

See AODocs in action in this video demo

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